Dear Patrons,

This website is an initiative towards our commitment to all those couples struggling with infertility in silence with the hope that they will conceive soon. VIVO as an organization is driven by purpose of designing conceptual brands from the depth of understanding infertility, its root causes and the way it should be managed to make an EVA attain successful motherhood.

We are thrilled to share that our brands like Conceva F & Conceva M have assisted many Gynaecologists, IUI & IVF specialists in fulfilling EVAs dream of motherhood a reality.

We have feedback from doctors that addition of Conceva F / Conceva M have given them results beyond their expectations in patients with primary & secondary infertility.

We intend to extend the benefit of our brands to many couples with :

a. First time conception planning

b. Bad obstetric history

c. PCOS management

d. Management of idiopathic infertility with stimulation protocol

e. Patients on ART procedures

The two options in management of infertility with Conceva F & Conceva M are designed to suite different profile of patients with history of infertility and planning for successful conception.

Through this website we intend to communicate with the patients and educate them on understanding “Infertility and its reasons”, “Conception & its care” and “journey of pregnancy and beyond”.

I am sure; this initiative of ours will be of help to the patients fighting infertility in safe hands of infertility specialists.

Let us wish each EVA dream of successful motherhood be a reality.

Anil K Sharma
Executive Director
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